08 February 2015

More Rapunzel and Progress on the Mask

Since the last time I posted on my crochet projects, I've added to the Rapunzel set.

Rapunzel with her her new accessories and Pascal

The satchel
The pattern is of my own improvisation.

The tiara
I also made this pattern up. The white yarn had a silver thread
running through it. I used regular yellow yarn but I added a gold
thread strung with sequins. It adds a nice sparkle to the tiara!

He's an adaptation of Peggytoes' Leon the Chameleon pattern.

In addition, Rapunzel's dress got some additional
details - white lace at the collar and part of the

Rapunzel's dress and her new, ahem, underpinnings

In the last couple of days, I also finally returned to my work on the Venetian mask. I've gone over the pattern lines with a white acrylic dimensional painter. The next step is to paint part of the mask a deep blue, perhaps add some aging to the white areas, and paint over the dimensional lines with gold acrylic paint.

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