07 February 2015

New Line Art Clipart Bundle: Lehi's Dream

I had another request for a Book of Mormon bundle, this time for a black and white line art version of an existing bundle. These are especially good for making coloring pages or when you want to print but want to use less ink.

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This set comes with graphics representing:

  • Lehi 
  • Sariah
  • Nephi
  • Sam
  • Laman
  • Lemuel
  • Tree of Life
  • Iron Rod
  • Mist of Darkness
  • River
  • Great and Spacious Building
  • A fruit from the Tree of Life


Each graphic has been saved at 300 pixels per inch and comes in THREE versions:

  • a .jpg (with white background)
  • a .png with no background or fill (especially good for printing on colored paper)
  • a .png with a white fill and no background (especially good for printing on layering graphics)

And here is the full color version:

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What's next?
I'm returning to my popular Old Testament bundles. I'll be focusing on the story of Joseph, starting, of course, with The Coat of Many Colors.

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