31 January 2015

New Clipart Bundle: Samuel the Lamanite

This week, I finished and posted my Samuel the Lamanite clipart bundle (part of the Book of Mormon series).

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This set comes with graphics representing:
  • Samuel the Lamanite
  • Jesus Christ (2 graphics: as a baby, resurrected)
  • Nephi, son of Helaman
  • An angel
  • A pair of repentant Nephites and a pair of angry Nephites
  • A city wall
  • A stone
  • An arrow
  • Speech bubble for Samuel
  • Sword of justice (mentioned by Samuel)
  • Signs of the Savior's birth (2 graphics: sunset with no darkness, a new star)
  • Astonished Nephite falling down
  • Signs of the Savior's death and resurrection (8 graphics: darkness, tempest, lightning, rent rock, resurrected person, earthquake, broken highway, destroyed city)
  • The cross
  • The Garden Tomb
  • Zarahemla

Here's a preview:

The set comes with both .jpg and .png files for each graphic and is 300 dpi. They come with a personal and small-scale commercial use license (see the Terms of Use in my Etsy shop for details). And it's only $5.00 for these graphics and a license!

Click here to see this bundle in my Etsy shop!

What's next?
I'm working on a line art version of the Lehi's Dream bundle. Then, I'll probably return to my work on Old Testament clipart. I'm leaning towards Joseph and/or Moses.

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